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NHC Northern Helicopter – Reliable partner for offshore air rescue, offshore emergency evacuation, ambulance flight operations and passenger transportation

The Emden-based aviation company Northern Helicopter GmbH operates air rescue services for the offshore wind industry in the North Sea and Baltic Sea as well as ambulance flight operations on the East Frisian coast for the offshore islands. NHC Northern Helicopter is also available for further individual orders. Pilots, emergency physicians, emergency paramedics and hoist operators form the crew of the rescue helicopters. Technicians take care of the fleet of Northern Helicopter GmbH and a friendly and competent team ensures safe and qualified handling of the orders.


Our Services

Offshore Rescue

Patients can be flown without any delay or loss of time from the offshore facilities to the nearest specialist hospital.    

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Air Ambulance Operation

We provide air ambulance services from the East Frisian Islands to the mainland hospitals nationwide.   

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Customized Services

Individual transports require the greatest flexibility. NHC Northern Helicopter offers the best solution. 

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Crew transports

We fly passengers and their luggage comfortably to the offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

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Northern Helicopter GmbH is part of WINDEAcare, the integrated acute and emergency care concept for offshore wind farms. The combination of experienced and established specialized companies allows us to offer an interdisciplinary knowledge base that includes the areas of medicine, rescue services, navigation, air travel, and wind energy. This particular combination of knowledge is unique. Northern Helicopter GmbH is a founding member and a supporting pillar of WINDEAcare.

Our fleet