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Deutscher Hubschrauber Verband e.V./Heli Alert

The Deutsche Hubschrauber Verband (DHV) (German Helicopter Society) represents the interests of many air travel companies and non-commercial operators of helicopters as well as training companies, the air travel industry, unions, societies, and many enthusiastic individual members. The society acts on behalf of its members in all areas of the helicopter business. 

German Wind Academy

German Wind Academy GmbH provides comprehensive training and advanced training for the qualified staff of the wind energy branch for both onshore and offshore activities. A “One Stop Training Shop” because all programmes can be combined in training packages. It offers the company economic benefits because all required training in the areas of safety, electrical technology, and wind specific mechanics are done at one location. Further, the German Wind Academy provides support in human resources development.    

Rettungsschule Lifetime

The Lifetime Rescue School is a state-approved vocational school for rescue services based in the town of Norden. It has been training qualified staff for rescue services since 1996. The training programmes for rescue services are regularly updated in connection with new developments and checked by medical personnel so that a high level of training can be guaranteed. In addition to paramedic training, students at Lifetime can earn a diploma in emergency care, an occupation that has been established in Germany since 2014, and provides the graduate with extensive skills in emergency care. The rescue school is also a recognized training centre for the American Heart Association (AHA) and in this capacity offers various certified and internationally recognized courses in emergency care. This includes, for example, the certified trauma course of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). All courses are intended for doctors, rescue services personnel, and nursing personnel. The school also offers the diploma of Australasian Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic.    

SHE Solution Bergmann GmbH & Co. KG

SHE Solution provides clients with the possibility to carry out on-site prescribed initial and refresher training, fall protection and rescue training, and trains qualified people for testing personal protective gear against falls in line with to BBG (Federal Civil Service Act) 906. With its after-sales service, the company guarantees the proper technical functioning of its products after delivery.

Together with its clients SHE Solution prepares system-specific and optimal safety and rescue concepts for complex machines, systems, and assembly lines. The safety assessment of existing machines and systems by qualified personnel guarantees a high degree of legal protection for the operator and protects him from possible claims for compensatio

Splettstößer Kommunikation & Werbung

The young advertising agency Splettstößer Kommunikation & Werbung, owned by Thomas Splettstößer, has been situated in Bückeburg since 2007. The firm’s central business is classic communications in print media as well as the design of business equipment and advertising material for business communications. A broad network of manufacturing companies for practically every production volume as well as the monitoring of the production provides the correct solution for your concerns. And that, so to speak, from one source.