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Aktien-Gesellschaft "EMS"

For more than 125 years AG EMS has been transporting passengers, motor vehicles, and freight from Emden and Eemshaven to the largest East Frisian island of Borkum by means of modern car ferries. In addition, the company offers various excursions to and around Borkum in the summer months. 


SSC Wind EMEA GmbH, with its national and international joint ventures and investments has been active and successful in the onshore and offshore energy market for more than 14 years. SSC Wind has established itself as one of the leading wind energy providers in the European wind energy sector in the operative business fields of construction, maintenance, service, repowering, component exchange, engineering, and site management. SSC has always looked at new challenges and tasks as a constant inspiration. The foundation of SSC’s success is its competent service both on site and in project management. The highest standards for safety and quality with respect to personnel, equipment, and documentation are obvious. This successful company has proven its commitment again and again in numerous onshore, offshore, and engineering operations.