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Medical services in the building and operation of offshore wind farms in the North Sea must be guaranteed. WINDEAcare offers an integrated and practice-oriented care concept from one source. Adequate assistance can be provided for a range of complaints from mild illnesses, which can be diagnosed and treated via telemedicine, to life-threatening injuries and difficult rescue operations. To provide this comprehensive service, experienced and established players have formed a close partnership. The interdisciplinary knowledge base that goes beyond any one company from the areas of medicine, rescue services, navigation, air travel, and wind energy is unique!

Partners in the WINDEAcare organization

WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG

WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG is a joint venture of SSC Wind GmbH, EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH, and the Bernhard Schulte Group. In connection with the building and maintenance of offshore wind farms, the company offers a comprehensive range of services from one source. It also ensures a profitable operation of offshore wind farms, from the planning, through implementation to the operation of the farm, and also looks after the marketing and sales as well as management of the organisation and project for WINDEAcare.    

Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH

Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH provides services in connection with the building of offshore wind farms. The company’s activities include shuttle services between the mainland and project areas, transport services within the project areas, provision and procurement of special vehicles, helicopter services, catering services on offshore building sites and stations, personnel services for all maritime areas, harbour services, ship operation, agencies and brokerages, site supervision, as well as general maritime consultation.      

IQ.medworks GmbH

IQ.medworks provides medical and economic expertise for intelligent solutions for the specific problems of emergency management in offshore wind farms and uses its national and international networks .
IQ.medworks was instrumental in the development of the concept WINDEAcare and now contributes as an integral partner its expertise for interdisciplinary emergency management.   


The Johanniter

Northern HeliCopter GmbH works closely with Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe The society steps in, completely in accordance with the regulations of the still active Order of St. John, to provide assistance to people in need. In the Weser-Ems district there are more than 600 full-time employees and almost 9000 volunteers in rescue services, disaster control, (advanced) training in rescue services, medical services, social services, and nursing services. Two teams totalling 140 emergency personnel are standing by to respond to disasters.    

Klinikum Oldenburg

With more than 150 staff members, the Klinikum Oldenburg, with the University Hospital for Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care, Emergency Care, and Pain Therapy covers the entire range of its specialisations and is integrated with university teaching and research activities via the European Medical School Oldenburg-Groningen. The Klinikum Oldenburg staffs three emergency response vehicles (one proportionately), the intensive care vehicle from Oldenburg, and proportionately the offshore rescue helicopter of Northern HeliCopter. The Klinikum also provides senior emergency doctors. Dr. Rüdiger Franz is the medical director for Northern HeliCopter GmbH and is responsible for medical care of the highest quality.    

Ventus Medic

Essential to the cooperation with the air rescue operations of NHC, the Order of St. John operates the Emergency Dispatch & Medical Support Centre Offshore VENTUSmedic, provides the rescue services personnel for the offshore rescue helicopter as well as the medical personnel on the wind farm platforms and the requisite additional qualifications.