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NHC Northern Helicopter remains HEMS provider for the offshore wind farms Albatros and Hohe See in the North Sea

Emergency medical care with rescue helicopter for 87 wind turbines in the North Sea


NHC Northern Helicopter takes over offshore air rescue for the RWE Amrumbank wind farm in the North Sea

RWE bundles air rescue for its wind farms off Helgoland under one roof


Northern Rescue 01 rescues stranded one-handed sailor from Scharhörnriff

For a one-handed sailor of a traditional sailing vessel the trip from Helgoland towards the mainland ended yesterday, 12 May 2020, on the sandbank Scharhörnriff. By coincidence, shortly after 4 p.m.…


Hand in hand

Offshore customer Global Tech I supports rescue operation off the Dutch coast


Northern HeliCopter hauls Petrofac to BorWin3

Emden, Germany. In September, Northern HeliCopter GmbH (NHC), Emden, the experienced aviation company for the offshore industry, received an order from Petrofac Ltd. for transport flights/crew changes…


NHC expands helicopter fleet

Emden / Germany

German helicopter operator Northern HeliCopter GmbH (NHC) based in Emden has just added another Airbus H155 B1 helicopter to its fleet. The aircraft is equipped with two powerful…


In action for refugees in distress at sea

Lesbos / Emden  Irrespective of the European Union's political decisions and regardless of the huge risks involved in crossing the Mediterranean stretch from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos,…


Air Rescue service for Nordic Yards DolWin gamma

The Nordic Yards shipyard is currently building the DolWin gamma converter platform. This structure is set for installation in the German North Sea in spring this year and scheduled to go into…