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NHC expands helicopter fleet

Emden / Germany   
German helicopter operator Northern HeliCopter GmbH (NHC) based in Emden has just added another Airbus H155 B1 helicopter to its fleet. The aircraft is equipped with two powerful 947 HP engines (SHE Arriel 2C2) and has a rotor diameter of 12.6 m which enables it to fly to almost any offshore wind turbine in German waters.

Like one of NHC’s other helicopters, the activities of the new fleet member will be focussed on crew changes and transport flights to helidecks and helipads on offshore installations or ships.

"We are pleased to now be able to offer the services of a second helicopter of this type," says Frank Zabell, CEO of Northern HeliCopter; "Our customers appreciate the high comfort and low vibration and noise levels on board. With a cruising speed of 145 knots, this type of helicopter is perfect for crew changes in the offshore sector."

The NHC fleet consists of five helicopters in all: two for crew changes and transport flights, one for ambulance flights in the East Frisian Islands region and two for offshore rescue missions (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, HEMS for short). During the early days of offshore wind energy in Germany, NHC focussed on offshore rescue and, as market leader for HEMS in the German North Sea region, expanded its service portfolio to include crew changes and transport flights in 2016. NHC has also been the market leader for HEMS in the German Baltic Sea since the beginning of 2018.


Northern HeliCopter GmbH

Emden / Germany, 25/05/2018