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The East Frisian Islands are largely subject to tides and thus inaccessible by ship for many hours a day. Sick or injured individuals depend on quick assistance by helicopter transport in emergencies. Northern Helicopter GmbH has been conducting patient transports with ambulance helicopters from the East Frisian Islands to the mainland hospitals and clinics since 2008. Thanks to the ambulance helicopter of NHC Northern Helicopter, sick islanders and tourists are flown as quickly as possible to the nearest clinic and are given specialized medical and competent treatment there.

The ambulance helicopter is equipped according to DIN EN 13718 and stationed at the Emden airport. The helicopter is on standby from sunrise to sunset for ambulance deployment every day. The "Kooperative Regionalleitstelle Ostfriesland" (cooperative regional control centre of East Friesland) in Wittmund alerts and manages these deployments. The state of Niedersachsen has certified NHC especially for the helicopter ambulance service according to its Rescue Service Act.

In addition to an experienced pilot, the crew consists of medical personnel: two paramedics/emergency assistants. The ambulance helicopter conducts more than 900 transports per year.