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Offshore emergencies call for aid that is both fast and qualified. The wind farms in the German Bight are up to 130 kilometres from shore, where several hundred people work under weather conditions that can be quite harsh. In emergencies, every minute counts more than usual.

In 2011 Northern HeliCopter GmbH was the very first company to develop an integrated medical rescue concept for offshore sites. Together with experienced partners, it has successfully established itself in the market since then under the name WINDEAcare. To guarantee short rescue flights to the North Sea wind farms, a rescue helicopter was transferred to St. Peter-Ording in 2014. It is on standby around the clock and guarantees fast aid in emergencies. NHC has specialised in acute and emergency medical care for and transport of injured and sick people on offshore wind farms.

The helicopter used here is equipped with modern emergency medical apparatus for monitoring patients, such as respirators, mobile ultrasounds, and monitoring devices. These devices go beyond the required DIN EN 13718 standard.

The medical crew is trained in height rescue, especially from wind turbines. The offshore wind turbines are more than 100 metres high, and emergency situations arise in which injured workers must be retrieved from this height.

The flight crew of the rescue helicopter consists of two pilots and one hoist operator. The medical crew on board consists of one emergency doctor and one HEMS (Heli Emergency Medical Service) crew member. All crew members are specially trained for offshore exigencies.